The Writer


When I was little if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have said, being the small single-minded child I was, that I wanted to be a nun

I followed this path until it was no longer fulfilling.

Since then I have been wandering while staying still and developing my beliefs as a queer, pagan woman. I’ve been on this Earth for 27 years and lived in Maryland, Rhode Island and now Colorado.

I’ve asked myself many questions – Who am I? What am I meant to do? With who? Is there anyone else like me?

I’ve learned to embrace the concept that wandering doesn’t mean your lost. This certainty has informed my discernment and my choices. Discernment is an essential process in order to find purpose and fulfillment. So here’s the why, how and what of pagan queer discernment.

Amelia Morwen