No Words

Today there’s an eclipse. Today I’m single. Today I’m just Amelia. Today I’m plotting this new course and letting the strange energies of things ending and better beginnings seep into my heart and bones. Today I am brave. I am free. I am peaceful. I am kind.

Lots can be said about desires, dreams and decisions. It’s easy to ask the questions like “who am I?”, “what I am supposed to do with my life?”, and “Do I have a purpose?” without really expecting an answer. These are some of the great mysteries of life. We ask and the universe doesn’t answer.

Today there’s an eclipse. After weeks of asking if I should end my relationship and move on, after weeks of tarot draws and consulting my closest friends I made that choice this weekend. I start this new journey on a day with an eclipse. I drew the Journey just now from my Wild Wood Tarot deck. It speaks to the death of the old. The laying to rest. The letting go.

Maybe casual nihilism comforts some but my bones tell me there is more to this than coincidence culminating in nothingness.

(But then that’s why I want to write about discernment (which we’ll get to at some point on this blog) because I think if done properly a person could reasonable plot the course through this great wide world to be who they want to be)

I guess nothing tells me with more certainty that I have purpose and identity than the fact that I start something new on a day when the sun goes dark for a moment so we can see things more clearly.

I’m done rambling for the day. More to come tomorrow!

 – Amelia Morwen

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